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Mediation and

 Community Support

Enabling people to find workable solutions in difficult situations

Mediation Services

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Workplace Mediation

Workplace mediation is an increasingly popular dispute resolution method to resolve interpersonal employee conflicts including harassment and bullying complaints, communication issues and work practices. With workforces made up of individuals with varying ideas, principles, personalities, cultures and interests, it is not unusual that members of staff will be involved in a disagreement which may affect work and working relationships.

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Neighbour Disputes and Community Conflict

Conflicts can be caused by misunderstandings, people having different lifestyles or expectations of each other, and many people don't even realise that what they are doing is affecting others. When people find it difficult to communicate with each other over issues, mediation can help. It is less stressful, quicker and less costly than legal action and can improve relationships so that everyone can live together more comfortably.

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Parent/Teenager Mediation

Relationships between parents and their children can break down or deteriorate. Often young people reaching adolescence are seen to have a change in attitude which affects their behaviour at home and/or in school.They may also show signs of deterioration in their school work. During these difficult times, relationships with parents can be seriously affected.

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Parent Support

When parents are faced with a crisis and have to deal with a statutory agency such a school or social services, difficulties can arise. Lack of specialist knowledge about systems in the statutory sector can lead to feelings of frustration and helplessness. Through the mediation and support work we can help parents identify the issues, understand the systems, consider their options and empower them to make informed choices in a positive way.

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Conflict Coaching (also available via online)

Conflict coaching is a way used to support people's ability to engage in, manage or productively resolve conflict. The coach works one-to-one with the person experiencing conflict. Conflict coaching enables the person to talk about the conflict with a neutral third party (the conflict coach), consider options for managing the conflict, and design an approach to the conflict that may or may not involve the person they are in conflict with. Conflict coaching helps people to explore possible ways of resolving their difficulty, look at ways in which they might resolve their situation even if the other person in the conflict did not wish to participate in a conflict resolution process. The purpose of Conflict Coaching is to support the person to make new decisions, create new perspectives and learn and practice new ways of responding to their situation.

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Peer Mediation

Peer mediation is a process whereby young people, trained in the principles and skills of mediation, help disputants of their own age range to find solutions in a conflict situation. Using a positive approach to dealing with conflict can be transforming for all involved. Most people experience conflict during their lifetime including children in the playground or during lessons. Developing skills to deal constructively with conflict situations early in life can prevent patterns of potentially destructive responses to conflict becoming established.

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