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Mediation and

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Enabling people to find workable solutions in difficult situations

Workplace Mediation

Workplace mediation is an increasingly popular dispute resolution method to resolve interpersonal employee conflicts including harassment and bullying complaints, communication issues and work practices. With workforces made up of individuals with varying ideas, principles, personalities, cultures and interests, it is not unusual that members of staff will be involved in a disagreement which may affect work and working relationships.

When can mediation help?

Any dispute, conflict or disagreement between two or more people can potentially be mediated. Disputes that we have dealt with include:

  • disputes between co-workers
  • supervisor / employee disputes
  • work team conflicts
  • perceptions of discrimination
  • interpersonal communication issues.

What do the mediators do?

Mediators arrange individual meetings with all those involved to hear what is happening and explain how mediation works. They will help each person identify the issues that need to be addressed. With agreement from all, a joint meeting will be arranged at a neutral venue. Mediators will facilitate a constructive problem solving approach to draw out the issues and look at ideas for solutions that are mutually beneficial, workable and future focused.

What are the benefits of mediation?

Mediation focuses on improving understanding and facilitating communication between people in conflict. It can help those involved gain a better appreciation of the issues, resulting in improved relationships between them. Mediation is a positive and constructive approach that can produce practical, workable and realistic solutions.

Benefits include:

  • improved working relationships
  • reduction in staff turnover and sickness
  • increased focus on organisational goals
  • a cost and time effective resolution
  • confidentiality
  • a flexible non-threatening process with a focus on the future
  • independent, impartial mediators
  • empowering staff to deal with conflict constructively
  • being less likely to resort to legal actions.

Who are the mediators?

Our mediators are people who have completed an in-depth accredited training programme in mediation, and have been approved by the Mediation And Community Support Service. They work in pairs, selected for their complementary skills, knowledge and experience.
They are impartial and will have no personal connection to the organisation that they are contracted to.

How can I access workplace mediation?

To start with, get in touch with our friendly, trained staff to have a chat and see if we can help.

If you are the employee and have not talked to your employer about the matter yet, we can discuss various options with you. A fee will be agreed with the employer should the mediation go ahead.

For an initial free no obligation consultation please contact the service by calling 07594 653530 or by email. Please provide a contact name and telephone number.